Relay of Truth


+God Changes Everything


I love that God never asks us to deny the facts. He never asks us to sugarcoat our situation or sweep anything under the rug. Over and over again, He simply asks us to factor Him into the equation and to rest in the confidence that “+ God” changes everything. Listen to what Jesus said when the disciples challenged Him about an impossible situation.

“Jesus looked at them intently and said, ‘Humanly speaking, it is impossible. But with God, everything is possible.’” Matthew 19:26

I love picturing that conversation. Jesus doesn’t disagree with them! He doesn’t tell them to quit being negative or encourage them to try harder. He says, “I’m with you. This is impossible. Humanly, it cannot happen. But with God…”

And our Heavenly Father delights in impossible odds. He seems to relish stepping in when all others have stepped away. Loves creating possibilities where there appear to be none, and in making a way for us when it seems we are trapped. Our God is a Creator. He made this world from nothing, and He has been mightily and creatively bringing things out of nothing ever since. When we are painfully aware that we are out of options and ideas, our Heavenly Father offers His.

So what impossibility are you looking at right now?

Your marriage.

Your career.

Your finances.

Your dreams.

Your desire for a husband or child.

Your child’s return.

Your happiness. Your peace. Your contentment. Your self-esteem.

Whatever you are looking at and thinking, “This is impossible! I don’t see how it can ever happen,” God doesn’t ask you to deny your current reality. He simply asks you to factor Him into the equation. And then to trust that when we allow God to enter into the situation, the outcome can be so much more than the sum of the parts. No matter what it is that you are facing or working with, the equation changes entirely when you allow for

+ GOD….

I’m not sure if our relationship with our Heavenly Father is ever sweeter than when we reach the point to say, “God, here it is. I can’t do anything to fix this. I can’t pretend that it’s anything other than impossible. But I trust You, and I believe that you can do anything.” Walking around with that truth will change us and change our day.

+ God changes everything


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Erin Pfister