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My kids loved cute, funny band-aids when they were growing up. Let’s be clear. They are adults now, and they still love cute, funny band-aids. And as the procurer of all things that my kids love, I am delighted when I run across a box that I think will strike their fancy: band-aids that look like bacon (who doesn’t like bacon?), band-aids that look like crime scene tape, band-aids that look like mustaches… You get the idea.  And band-aids are great. They keep blood from getting all over the place if you are actually bleeding. They keep wounds clean and protected from germs. But no matter how cute they are or how practical, band-aids are intended to be temporary. Wounds are supposed to get better, and if they’re not, you don’t need another band-aid. You need to go to the doctor and find out what’s wrong!

It makes me sad when I see Believers treating God’s Word like it’s just a box of cute band-aids. They’ve been hurt, or they’re frightened, or they’re uncertain about their future or what to do, and they just keep reapplying the same little Bible verse – but they’re not healing, or finding their courage, or sensing direction. It’s not supposed to be like that. God never intended for His Word to just help us feel better for a second. I think He hates when Scripture is used to just cover up a legitimate wound or injury.  God tells us that His Word is life-giving; He tells that His Word has life-transformative power.

Our Heavenly Father doesn’t want our time in His Word to just help us feel better about our insecurities. He doesn’t want His Word to be used to dismiss them or cover them up. He knows what gave us those insecurities, and He wants to take them away!

He doesn’t want us to feel better about our emotional and mental wounds. He wants to heal them.

He doesn’t want to walk with us in our anger and bitterness. He wants to remove them.

I love this verse: “He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.” Psalm 147:3  I picture God meeting us where we are at, cleaning and dressing our wounds…. “I heard what they said, child, I’m sorry. I know that hurt. I know that makes you feel like you are failing. Walk that out with Me. I want to heal you of that.” “Child, I see your pain from that failed relationship. I know you are tempted to think that you are incapable of loving well, but that’s a lie. I know it makes you want to live in distrust. Let me heal you.” Our God meets us where we are at with unconditional love, but He never leaves us there. He loves us too much for that.

God’s Word should make us feel better. But God’s Word is so much more than a band-aid. God uses His Word to heal us. He uses His Word to set us free – from anger and bitterness, fear and anxiety, the failure of our past. God intends for His Word to give us an abundant life!  He uses His Word to make us more like Him. Let’s not settle for anything less than that.

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Erin Pfister