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Tool Time

Photo taken on Adriana's back porch - and it makes me smile to look at it!

Photo taken on Adriana's back porch - and it makes me smile to look at it!


We’ve all been there…

You find yourself in a life circumstance that you do not like and you are uncertain when, if, or how it can be changed. For instance…

You don’t know what you would like to do with your life. Maybe you do know, but you don’t know how to get there.

You are bored or uninspired with your job.

You are single and you want to be married or at least in a serious relationship.

You are childless and you long to have children.

You are an empty nester and you are wondering if your life is over.

Rare is the person who will make their way through life without hitting some kind of difficult or uncertain time. A time where they would like nothing more than to hit the eject or fast forward button! So how do you navigate your way through? I believe that there are definite tools that will contribute to your success:

* Walk it out with your Heavenly Father. When you are walking through difficult, you must be careful to fill yourself up with great truth and talk about your experience with your Heavenly Father on a daily basis. The more honest that we can get with God about how we are feeling and thinking, the better it will be. The more consistent our truth intake, the more beneficial it will be.

* We must refuse to get stuck at miserable. It amazes me how people will talk about how unhappy they are for long periods of time and not do anything about it. If you are currently in a situation that you hate – move!

* Ask yourself, what can I do today that would move me toward what I really want out of life? Is there a change that I could be making that would improve my current situation? Ask God to show you. He promises to direct our paths and He promises to give us wisdom.

* If there is nothing else that you can do (which is rare, but happens) then lean hard into your God and wait for Him to move on your behalf. Please hear me. It is never God’s plan that we cease to enjoy or embrace life while we wait for what we truly want. God never wastes a wait. Even while you are waiting for your situation to change, there is always something you can be learning, an area you can be growing, or a way that you can come out better on the other side. Say it with me. God never wastes a wait.

 * How could you use your waiting time to embrace and enjoy life? What new skills could you be developing? What new relationships could you build? How could you stretch your comfort zone? How could you serve others now that may be difficult at another stage in life? We think that our uncertain or difficult times will last forever when we are in them. But they won’t. Don’t miss what God has for you today.

And let me tell you a secret.  God often uses what we do in our wait to equip us and lead us to the next chapter that we long for. I’ve seen that play out over and over again. And we won’t get there if we just settle for stuck. We won’t get there wallowing and wishing.

These are tools that we tend to use more than once over the course of our lives. What can you do today to get you to where you want to be? And how can you embrace and enjoy life in your wait? Your circumstance may not immediately change, but you will, and that changes everything.


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Erin Pfister