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Our Heavenly Father loves us intensely, and He desperately desires for His children to enjoy peace.  It is not the speculative, temporary, situational kind of peace that the world can offer, but a deep and enduring peace that the volatility of this world cannot touch. We will be taking 8 weeks to explore how we enjoy the gift of peace that we have been given. It doesn't happen by accident! But oh, is it worth our pursuit!

* If you have taken Peace That Passes with me before, take it again! I would say that over 50% of the material is brand new. God has been teaching me a lot about what He longs for us to enjoy.

Where will the studies be?

Class One:  Beginning September 11th

6:30-8 pm

Woodmont Christian

3601 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville


Class Two:  Beginning September 12th


Village Barre

7839 Old Harding Pike, Nashville

Limit: 60


Please fill in your information below and let me know which class you will be attending! The cost for study and materials: $25.


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