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Hope and A Prayer Devotional

Hope and A Prayer Devotional


We use the word “hope” a lot. And in so many different contexts… We use it when we are hoping it doesn’t rain, or we hope to find a parking space. But we also use it when we are trying not to lose all faith in humanity. When we’re hoping that our lives will work out how we have dreamed and planned. That is quite the swing!

So what does hope really mean? When the Bible talks about “hope,” it refers to the expectation that God will keep His promises to us. The Apostle Paul actually refers to it as the anchor for our souls. Hope is meant to be so much more than a fleeting wish or even a deep desire. Our hope is meant to be rooted in trusting our Heavenly Father and living with the confidence His promises afford to us.

Will you join me in discovering what our Heavenly Father has promised, and then determine together to move with the expectancy that He will keep His Word? Living with hope, true hope, changes the way we live and enjoy life.

Please join me for Hope and a Prayer.

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